68,000 sq. ft. Indoor
Sports & Expo Facility

GOLF RANGE - W3035 Edgewood Trail (Hwy JJ) - Appleton, WI 54913 • 920-731-7529 • www.pcfoxcities.com - GOLF RANGE

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Come join the fun of driving and chipping on a huge
5,500 square foot area! No reservations are needed.
You can also bring your favorite local Golf Pro along
for a quick off-season refresher or lesson.

Indoor Golf Driving Range

Driving Range Hours
Hours are subject to change without notice.
Call ahead to confirm availability! 920-560-5886

*Last day for driving range is Friday April 11th! Enjoy the weather outside.

Indoor Golf Driving Range - $35/hour
is available all year round for private rentals - must call ahead for availability.